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The Porn Pandemic is one of several films created by Family Watch International designed to bring greater education and resources to parents, educators, and policymakers on issues that impact the family and children.  This documentary allows individuals to learn from experts about the addictive nature of porn, its impact on the brain, and how pornography viewing can lead to family breakdown, prostitution, sex trafficking and other crimes against women and children. While the film exposes pornography as a devastating and debilitating addiction, it concludes with a message of hope as it shares how former addicts and their families find healing through therapy and the support of family members.

About Family Watch International


Founded in the United States in 1999, Family Watch International (FWI) is a nonprofit international educational organization in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Family Watch* is recognized as a tax-deductible nonprofit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code.


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Family Watch Mission


Family Watch works to protect and promote the family as the fundamental unit of society at the international, national and local level through education, pro-family advocacy, and family-based humanitarian aid.


To protect the family by working to preserve and promote traditional marriage, safeguard parental rights, defend human life, uphold religious liberty, and protect the health and innocence of children.


Family Watch policy positions are based on scientific research, social science data, lessons from history, and what has been proven across cultures to produce the best outcomes for men, women, children and, thus, for society.

Our Worldwide Reach


Recognized as a worldwide leader in the pro-family movement, Family Watch works at the United Nations, across the United States, and in countries around the world to defend the family and family values.


FWI has members and supporters in 170 countries representing various cultures, faiths, and socioeconomic backgrounds—all united by our recognition that the family is the essential foundation of every successful society.


Family Watch has reached millions of people worldwide with our renowned publications, policy briefs, commentaries, and documentaries, and we maintain a large and growing database of individuals in countries throughout the world who can be mobilized to stand for the family when needed.


* Family Watch International was originally incorporated under the name Global Helping to Advance Women and Children and later adopted Family Watch International as a dba in 2008.

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