15 Family Rules for Safe Computer/Phone Internet Usage

  1. Filters should be installed on all phones, computers and devices that can access the internet. Encourage children to inform a parent if the filter ever fails.

  2. All passwords for email accounts and social media should be shared with parents so they can periodically monitor appropriate usage.

  3. Computers should be used only in public areas of the home where the screen is visible and not in the privacy of the bedroom or bathroom.

  4. Time limits for computer and phone use should be established.

  5. Phones should be given to parents at a designated time each night and charged in the parents’ room. (Tip: Parents can also turn off routers at night.)

  6. Never give out personal information on the internet.

  7. Participation in chat rooms should be prohibited.

  8. Aimless surfing of the internet should be avoided.

  9. The clearing of internet history or the use of private browsing should be prohibited

  10. There should be no downloading of browsers, apps, programs, videos, etc. without prior approval from a parent.

  11. Do not chat with, message, friend or text people you have not met in person.

  12. Do not open emails or messages from people you do not know.

  13. If you wouldn’t want your parents to read it, do not write it in an email, text or any other form of electronic communication.

  14. A password may not be changed without notifying a parent prior to changing it.

  15. Violation of the family computer rules may result in the removal of computer/phone privileges.