International Resolution to Combat Pornography

WHEREAS, pornography represents the photographic or video depiction of sexual exploitation of human beings;


WHEREAS, the production of hardcore pornography entails the exploitation and degradation of women and girls, subjecting them to verbal and physical abuse, and exposing them to sexually transmitted diseases and other health risks;


WHEREAS, consumption of pornography is a root cause of violence against women and children; and contributes to the demand for women and children trafficked into prostitution;


WHEREAS, both adult and child pornography is used by sexual predators to groom, entice, desensitize and instruct their child victims;


WHEREAS, pornography presents a distorted, debased and often violent image of human sexuality, devoid of love, responsibility and commitment;


WHEREAS, children are increasingly molesting other children in imitation of what they see in pornography;


WHEREAS, adult pornography viewing is a gateway that often leads to child pornography,


WHEREAS, addiction to pornography has now reached epidemic levels, affecting untold millions of men, women, and children throughout the world; and


WHEREAS, pornography addiction prevents, damages and destroys marriages and is a key contributor to family breakdown;


THEREFORE BE IT NOW RESOLVED that we, the following governments, recognize the public health crisis created by pornography and acknowledge the need for education, prevention, research, and policy change to protect women, children and the institution of the family from this serious threat.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we the following nations, hereby commit to pass and strictly enforce laws and policies at the international and national levels, prohibiting the production and distribution of child pornography, and to strictly regulate the distribution of adult pornography to the fullest extent allowed by  law, and to prohibit internet services from providing children any access whatsoever to pornography.